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1 Timothy 4:1 - The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

Falling Away

Is it falling off the wagon that’s the bad one? I think so. It’s sort of an old adage. We really don’t know of wagons in context. But if something falls off the wagon, it gets left behind. So, yeah, not a good thing.

That’s the sort of understanding for abandon in this verse. In the last days, some will get caught up into deception, heretical beliefs, superstitious phenomenon. They will really end up jumping off the wagon for something off the beaten path that looks more exciting and titillating.

What does this mean for us today?

There’s a lot of weird stuff out there. Just mind boggling spin on the whole yanny v laurel thing is enough to wonder what in the world is going on in the world. There’s a good spiritual lesson in there somewhere.

You want to really be confused? Listen to televangelists, pastors with podcasts, and writers of books. I’m not against it, but why is everyone saying something different? Why did I hear recently that a very prominent pastor say that the Old Testament is no longer relevant?

Stay on the wagon. Stay in the Word of God. Listen to the Holy Spirit not deceiving spirits. Shut out the distraction of the world. Stay on course and forget the carnies off to the side of the path begging you to try to win at their game.

There’s one way, one truth, and one path. There’s one wagon. Don’t fall off.



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