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1 John 2:20 - But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.

It Smells.

There are certain smells that I love and few that I don’t care if I ever whiff them again. Some of my favs are BBQ cooking, firewood burning, greasy hamburger meat on the grill - there’s a theme. Some that I do not care for are, well, let’s just leave that one alone.

Several places in scripture it says that our worship is like a sweet smelling aroma that rises to the throne of God. Our sin can be like a stench. 

Other places in scripture it teaches of the identifying nature of what God does for those who belong to Him. We are known by our love, character, worship, and the marking of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit also is Comforter, Guide, & Teacher. Not only are we known and identified by the guarantee and deposit of the Holy Spirit, we are also comforted, strengthened, and taught by Him.

In this world of deception and false prophets - the same word John wrote all those years ago is still relevant today - we have to be careful and not be carried into what is false. Because we are not of this world but we are marked by the Spirit’s anointing.

This anointing, this marking - identifies us, forms us, covers us, teaches us, and separates us. This anointing and marking of the Holy Spirit makes us smell different.

You know, some anointing oil carries an artificial aroma, and some are just naturally smellalicious. 

Know today, that you are marked and identified by the Holy Spirit which also carries the aroma of God, which again, identifies us while at the same time rises to the throne of God. Here’s the thing - just like someone with a stench can’t hide, neither can we.

Don’t hide today. Stand out. Stand up. Let the world see and get a good smell of you. The falseness and deception of the world might not like what they see and smell - but God will love it!

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